Featured Rates

Broadband 6 Mb

24,20per month
24,20per month

Landline phone 1000 Min

6,64per month
6,64per month

Mobile - Unlimited | 7GB

15,75per month
15,75per month


We get where others cannot even imagine of

Internet WiMAX

Without a landline

Can I get Broadband at home without a landline? We offer you the solution.

Real upload and download speed

We can supply a fast and quality Broadband connection, providing guaranteed bandwidth.


We have different rates best adapted to your needs, so you Pay-as-You-Go.

Technical Support 24h/365 days a year

We have personal attention & support 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


We offer our Broadband and VoIP service in most of municipalities in the province of Grenada and Almeria. Our network is constantly growing and expanding. Check our coverage in your area. Mobile Phone service is available in any province/region.

Do you want to check the coverage or VoIP in your area?

Airnet Telecom

We offer outstanding maintenance, installation and repair services in:

DTT antennas – individuals and collectives.

Parabolic antennas – individuals and collectives.

IPTV solutions.

Door openers – Video door Station, with outside cameras and from your Smartphone.

NAS servers.

WIFI networks installation.

Fiber-optic networks.

Internet Granada
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